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Centennial Wellness

centennial wellnessSuite 245, 520 3rd Ave. S.W.
Calgary, AB - T2P 0R3
T: 587-353-5933


About Centennial Wellness:

Centennial Wellness is a multidisciplinary health and wellness clinic that embraces a modern approach to health care. Our health care team specializes in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Our primary focus is your health and our promise is patient-centered care.

Education, awareness and active care are pillars to the wellness paradigm.

Dr Sheena Walli

Dr Sheena Walli

Our health services currently include: Sports and Family Chiropractic, Graston Therapy, Myofascial Release Therapy, Registered Massage Therapy, Custom Fit Foot Orthotics, Custom Knee Bracing, Functional Movement Evaluations, Injury Rehabilitation and Exercise Design Prescription, Kinesiotaping, Physical Therapy, Motor Vehicle accident Assessments and Musculoskeletal Laser Therapy.

Our personalized application of multidisciplinary therapies centers on helping you achieve pain-free living while functioning at peak performance. We take great pride in assisting our patients achieve a higher level of health and wellness.

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