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cs2Collegiate Sports Medicine

PO Box 3867
5114 51st Street
Olds, AB - T4H 1P6
T: 403.791.2766


Since 2003, Collegiate Sports Medicine's team has been dedicated to achieving positive results and enhancing sport performance through a multidisciplinary, professional approach. We continue to learn and reach beyond our capabilities for the benefit of our clients.

We are proud to be associated with Peak Orthotics for the creation of functional Custom Foot Orthotics. Our 3D Contact Digitizing system and medical software allows us to provide precise comfortable devices that are great for enhancing sport performance and injury prevention.

 Our Custom Orthotics work especially well for:

  • Specific sports footwear and applications such as;Hockey skates, Running shoes, Golf shoes, Ski boots, etc...
  • Rehabilitation of injuries
  • Posture, stance and balance
  • Foot medical conditions
  • Diabetic's insoles

Please visit our website at www.collegiatesportsmedicine.ca.

Or give us a call at 403-314-4458 for more information about our services and appointment bookings.

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